Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New version of Aakash Tablet will be available from Nov 11

Telecom Minister Kabil Sibal announced that new version of Aakash Tablet will be available to the students from November 11. he further said President will be talking to 20000 students across nation who will have their hands on Aakash Tablet on November 11. Sibal was talking in Economic Editors Conference.

New version of Aakash Tablet will have 1 Gh of processor, 4 hour battery life, capacitive screen and Android 4 operating system. He further said cost of device will ultimately come down to 35$ when manufacturing facility will be established in India. Sibal announced that a Cabinet note is being considered to manufacture 5 million Aakash Tablet.

Earlier, Aaakash Tablet run into controversy when IIT Rajasthan rejected the tablets from Datawind based on performance. Datawind had won tender to manufacture 1 lakh tablet for around 49$ a piece.