Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A great Aakash Tablet Review

Venturebeat got a copy of Ubislate (Aakash commercial version) and they have done a positive review of the tablet, over all.

“The screen is pressure sensitive (also called resistive touch) and responds somewhat slowly to gestures.”

“However, the speed is going to be quite sufficient for someone who has never in his or her life had a smartphone or computer.”

“he unmistakable impression we all got from using the Aakash tablet was that it is built for performance. Every design choice that might seem like a negative reveals three, four, five — or more — net benefits.”

“Now imagine the educational potential of the world’s lowest-cost tablet being unleashed to hundreds of millions Indians eager to join the world economy. At the heart of the Aakash tablet is an HD video co-processor that will connect viewers to one of the largest educational libraries ever assembled: YouTube. When the Aakash tablet reaches villages across India, an entire generation will have instant access to rich educational content such as the Khan Academy, and anything else their hearts desire.”

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  1. How to cancelling booking of akash tablet because my address is change some time ago please help me

    1. No Need to worry, they will call you before they ship it to you.