Thursday, 13 October 2011

Will story of Aakash can boost Electronics Manufacturing Services industry in India

Tehelka has come up with story “ The story behind Aakash”. Article is written by Mr Gururaj, an executive in Quad Electronic Solutions (P) Ltd. Aakash has to cater 22 million Indian students and faculty. It may boost India as Electronics Manufacturing Services industry in India. Quad Electronic Solutions is one of manufacturer of Aakash.

He has tried to project the growth in domestic demand and increasing outsourcing trends in the industry. He predicts from current 20 Billion dollar domestic industry it may reach 400 billion dollar domestic industry by 2020. And India will emerge has one of major destinations of Electronic Manufacturing Services industry globally by 2020. He has done deep analysis and presented data in detail. You can read the story at Tehelka.

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