Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sky can be limit for Aakash : Economic times review

Aakash can go long way in bridging digital divide in India. It may have limitations but can do the work it is made for. Economic times has dealt this topic in detail.

“bridge the digital divide in the country and provide an affordable platform, particularly for young high school students who can use it as their tool to listen to lectures, experiment, read books, communicate with their friends and play. In essence, address all the 4Ls of learning . lectures, labs, library and life.”

what will make Aakash to succeed.

Economic times ponder that mobile phone revolution will make Aakash commercial version to succeed. Also this is already a ready made market for Aakash.

“In addition, Indian mobile subscribers enjoy the lowest voice and SMS tariff in the world. The success one associates with the mobile phones is not to be found in other related products . personal computers, for example, the desktop, laptop or the newly introduced tablet category. India even today has a low PC penetration or Internet connectivity (around 10% only).”

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