Monday, 10 October 2011

Aakash Tablet Price and how to Buy Aakash Tablet

Aakash Tablet is name of student version of tablet. Tablet is manufactured by Datawind.Student version of Aakash Tablet will be available to students via their respective institutions. In first batch 1,00,000 tablets will be available to students. To buy Aakash Tablet students should contact their institutions respectively.

Price of Aakash Tablet

  • For students price of tablet would be INR 1500 to INR 1750
  • Cost of producing first batch of 1, 00,000 units of Aakash Tablet is around 38$
  • Warranty, transportation and other cost is around 12$.
  • So, effective cost for each device is around 50$ around INR 2300.
  • Government will provide subsidy 50% subsidy.
  • When first 1,00,000 devices are delivered and tested in field, government will order a million units. It is expected that cost of producing the device will further reduce in second batch.

Price of commercial version of Aakash Tablet aka Ubislate

  • Once first batch of 1,00,000 tablets are delivered to students via Government of India, Datawind will also launch it commercial version of it.
  • Price of Ubislate 7 would be INR 3,000 (60$).
  • It will be enhanced version of Aakash Tablet with SIM module and GPRS modem.
  • Datawind is also trying to negotiate with Mobile operators and will sell INR 98 GPRS connection for 2Gb.
  • It is expected Ubislate will be available commercially in November,2011.

How to buy Ubislate

  • Ubislate will be sold from Datawind website directly, its not clear yet if it will be sold via retailer channels as well.
  • You can book Ubislate from their website, when it will be ready you will be notified.
  • You don’t need to pay any money right now, so go ahead and book a Ubislate, if you like. You can do so by visting following website.

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