Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Better, Faster Aakash 2 (Aakash II) at no extra cost by April 2012

Aakash tablet was under several criticism about slow performance and lot of bugs. Even Pramod Prabhakar of our aakashtablet Google groups has shared his frustrations with the Aakash Tablet PC he bought and tested, read his Aakash Tablet Review. In first installment, government received 30.000 Aakash Tablets, which were distributed among students of various university and institutions.IIT Jodhpur was primarily given task of evaluating the Aakash Tablet. Based on feedback and a lot of noise, Datawind has agreed to do enhancements. So good news is that you will get improved Aakash Tablet, Aakash-2 which will be 3 times faster and 2 times more battery backup. It will happen sometime in April this year. Also, The remaining 70,000 pieces of Aakash Tablet which government had decided to procure from Datawind earlier, will be as per revised specifications.

Also, in future Datawind may not get additional order from government, as government thinks Datawind has violated the agreement of first supplying it to government. As you know, last month Datawind has sold Aakash Tablet in open market. Government estimate is that there is need of 22 crore Aakash Tablets.Government is considering to invite fresh bid from more than one manufacturer. So, In future you may expect to get Aakash Tablet from different manufactures. We don’t know about Datawind’s plan to bring Ubislate+ in market. Datawind already claims that Ubislate+ will have three times faster processor and double battery life. As per information provided on Datawind’s website.

  Aakash Tablet (Ubislate 7) Aakash Tablet Upgraded (Ubislate 7+)
Processor Arm11 – 366Mhz Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz

2100 mAh

3200 mAh


Android 2.2

Android 2.3

Price 2499 INR 2999 INR

It is interesting to note that  Aakash 2 tablet by Datwind will have GPRS as well as phone facilities. So, its worth waiting for Aakash 2, which should come in market in April 2012.

Datawind should also consider supporting Android market place. Have you already ordered your Aakash Tablet or you will be waiting for improved tablet?


  1. Hi,

    Today i got a mail from datawind to send the money to there address for first come first basis.
    Kindly advice me is it good to send the money in advance.

    1. Since email came from datawind, You may act to buy it. It is for Ubislate 7 right?

  2. is it aakash ubislate 7 or ubislate 7+?
    what are they saying about delivery?
    will they deliver it in few days or in march?
    i send them my order status enquiry of ubislate 7+ and got a mail from datawind in which they offered me to pay in advance through cheque and from this i will get prioritized delivery in march and waiver from delivery charges although i booked it very early on 18 dec 2011.
    is this same with you.

  3. give them check of 2999.00 amount, as i did

  4. rightly said you could just give a chequwe

  5. I have a booking id but they people did not responded till today. the email i recieved was on 31st dec with the order number