Monday, 30 January 2012

Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai University placed big orders for Aakash Tablet

In last week, there were news of tension between Government and Aakash tablet manufacturer Datawind. Now, there are couple of good developments. We can expect more such news in coming months. First news is from Andhra Pradesh, where state government has sent a request to HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry for 10,000 Aakash Tablets. Andhra Pradesh is planning to distribute it among their students. Andhra Pradesh is planning to distribute these tablets in two phases. In first phase, students of government universities, engineering and polytechnic colleges will get these tablets. In second phase, student from private colleges will get it as well.

In second news, as we have published earlier, Mumbai University had asked their colleges to get orders from their students. They had fixed a price of 1138 Indian Rupees (23 USD). Much lower that original anticipated price of 35$. Now Mumbai University has announced that they have received more than 25,000 orders for the tablet.The University has reported that they got orders from more than 90 colleges and departments.University has got orders from some of the very remote colleges as well. Mumbai’s Vivek College has ordered most number of Aakash Tablet. They have ordered 2,262 Aakash Tablets.

In a related news, a person named  Rohit has informed that he has received email from Datawind to pay for booking he had placed earlier.Datawind has also informed Rohit that tablet will be sold on first come first basis. He did report in comment  section, in one of the news of Aakash Tablet News.